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Custom presentation folders hold loose papers or documents together for organizations and advertise as well, are specifically designed to present company materials in the most attractive manner. ofsetprinters offers high quality Custom Presentation Folders, Custom Tri-Panel Folders, Custom File Folders, Custom Plastic Folders, Small Document Folders, Custom Key and Card Folders, Custom Booklet Folders, Custom CD Holders, Custom Report Covers, Custom Letter size Presentation Folders, Custom Legal Size Presentation Folders and much more.

Custom Presentation Folders, Tri-Panel Folders, Wholesale Printing

We offer custom pockets folders with full color printing on quality materials at a very reasonable price. In accordance with your thoughts, ideas and contents, we will produce custom presentation folders with embossing, sand effect, foil stamping, spot lamination and aqueous effect on a paper of your choice. Our professionally printed custom presentation polders are available in full color (4/0 4/4), all custom sizes, card, plastic & vellum stock and more. If you aren't able to find what you're looking for, contact us or fill our Custom Quote form and we'll be sure to make it just the way you want it

High Quality Custom Presentation Folders, Pocket Folder Printing

We dedicate ourselves to the production of high quality custom presentation folders. Our design department researches and develops attractive designs for Custom Document Folders, Custom Company Folders, Custom Company Presentation Folders, Custom Plastic Presentation Folders, Custom Pocket Folders, Custom File Folders, Custom Small Document Folders, Custom Booklet Folders, Custom Reinforced Presentation Folders, Custom Presentation Folders, Custom Tri-Panel Folders, Custom Key and Card Folders, CD/ DVD Inserts, Custom Vellum Presentation Folders, Custom Diecut Folders, Custom Report Covers, Custom Business Card Holders, Custom Metal Edge Presentation Folders.
What exactly is the difference between presentation folder printing and just making a normal folder? After all, both are going to be meant for holding information. Surely you can just create a single folder that works well with your company image and just use that for as many different situations as possible, right?
Sure, you could do that, but your custom presentation material would suffer because of it. ofsetprinters serves a specific perhaps, and the folders you make are naturally going to be different in order to achieve the best results. First off presentation folders are going to be heavier on the visuals than your average folder. You want them to immediately make a person interested, because this is going to connect to your actual presentation as well. Often people get the material associated with the custom presentation before actually hearing the speech, and a strong visual design on your folder can put them in the right mindset.
Secondly it’s best to have your custom presentation folder be linked visually to your actual speech in some way. This might amount to just writing across the front of the folder what the topic of the speech is, or where your speech is being given. The reason why this works is because the material is what people will be taking home with them. This is what they’ll be looking back on in a few months or more, and if you can give them a reminder about where they got it, they’ll be more likely to remember you and what your speech was about.
Thirdly you want your custom presentation folder to work well visually with the material inside it. Don’t just insert a bunch of black and white pages, but try to find certain visual motifs that you can use in all of this. Now you have a more complete package than just giving people a bundle of papers.